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Fabric Wrkshp:3 Free Motion Organic Quilting

SKU: C3440

Quilting using free motion stitching opens up a world of wonderful beauty and texture. This four hour workshop presents techniques and ideas for organic-style FMQ. Organic style quilting provide ways to finish your quilted project while adding interest and texture, but is not formal traditional quilting. It includes lectures and demonstrations by the instructor, interspered with practice sessions for the students. A discussion of fabrics, batting,markers,threads, needles, and other tools will be part of the class This class is suitable for beginning to intermediate quilters. By the time you have completed this workshop you will feel much more confortable with FMQ or, if you already are a free motion quilter, will have improved your work and ended up with a sweet little quilt just right for your cat or dog, or just to keep for reference, after you bind it, of course. Students should arrive to the class with a notebook, scissors,a pencil and a packed lunch. A kit fee for the class is required for $20 (cash only), which will include a small pre-marked quilt sandwich, thread, a machine needle, and handouts. Come prepared to have some fun!
$59.00 per session